14 More Annoying Things my Friends do on Facebook

Read Part 1 here: 14 Annoying Things My Friends Do On Facebook

I decided to write a followup entry to my last Facebook post. The writing style was pitiful–I titled it to be about the annoying things, but ended up writing about the annoying people. It’d be too much work to fix it, so let’s just move on.

Oh, one more thing: it should be noted that I’m using random names in this post. It’d be too confusing to refer to ‘him’ or ‘her’ all the time, especially when there’s more than one male or female. I don’t want my Facebook friend’s lives out in the open when they didn’t give me permission to use their names.

1. Tagging someone in their own status, or tagging anyone else who’s already commented. I’m guilty of it, I’ll admit. I should get into the habit of just stating their names withOUT tagging them–for example, if someone named Karen asks me a question on a thread we’re in, starting my comment with ‘Karen:’ before offering my response is plenty sufficient and there’s no need to tag her.

2. Speaking of which, let’s not forget how annoying it is (to me at least) when someone tags you with your full name. You can backspace and remove everything but the first name from the tag.

3. Tagging someone for the sole purpose of telling the world how bad of a person they are. I don’t care if Suzie’s boyfriend Mike cheated on her with Allison–tagging one/both of them in a status about how much of a jerk Mike is, or how much of a man-stealing slut Allison is is immature.

4. Giving updates on EVERY SINGLE FREAKING SECOND of their life. Usually this happens on Twitter, but I’ve got at least one Facebook friend who will say what she’s doing every five minutes–including when she’s getting off for the night (and if she decides she can’t sleep).

5. Posting constantly. Last week, I was trying to show my mom a status one of my Facebook friends posted from a few days before. It took me at least a minute or two just to get down to that day–if you’re looking through my statuses (and I’m usually pretty active), you might be able to get through a week or two in that amount of time. Maybe further, if Facebook doesn’t stop you by skipping to only highlights.

6. Making vague statuses. Look, I get that there are some things you can’t talk about for whatever reason. But I get really sick of posts that say ‘I wish you’d come back to me…’ or ‘If only you knew…’. Then there’s the unspoken prayer requests. I have one friend in particular who does this and it’s getting boring.

7. Being overly paranoid. I don’t think the Illuminati is going to attack me because I don’t believe in them. I think at this point the only reason nobody’s put that to rest is that it’s funny to some people to see how freaked out people get over it.

8. Not using punctuation. I hate, hate, HATE it when people write their questions without a question mark at the end. This applies to everything-commas, periods, exclamation marks, etc. Which brings me to…

9. Writing badly in general. It makes you look ignorant when you can barely form a sentence and when you do it’s either in text speak or all caps. I feel like I’m being yelled at when someone writes to me in all caps, intentionally or not. And I don’t care how smart you are in real life, if you can’t make sense online, I can’t take you seriously.

10. Being a know-it-all. I’ve done this before. I don’t mean to, but it happens. I get that. But when it’s constant–and you know it annoys people–just stop. I did.

11. Advertising that they’re doing something they shouldn’t. Posting photos of your (underage) self at a bar, or statuses asking where you can buy some weed is a bad idea. Being online doesn’t mean you’re untouchable by the law.

12. Causing drama, no matter how. Yes, I get that sometimes you need to vent a little. But going out of your way to start something is another issue altogether. If you have a constant need to vent about everything, you might wanna consider therapy. Posting a status about a person (even if you don’t mention their name) is also annoying. If you’re going to do that, at least don’t make it obvious.

13. Advertising. These are the people who make almost every status about something they’re selling and trying to get customers. I’ve got at least one person in particular that is really bad about this. It’s so annoying.

14. Cyberstalking. OK, OK, I know. Everyone does it. I do it. Mostly to new friends and someone who wrote something I’m trying to find again. However, when I do it, I don’t like and/or comment on photos from several years back. It makes you look kinda creepy.


{RANT} The Ice Bucket Challenge is stupid.

Rant time! Today’s topic of choice is…well, you already saw the post title so you already know.

I think that the challenge started with good intentions in mind. It was put out there for charity and to raise awareness for a little-known illness. But it’s now been overdone. Everybody on Earth with outside contact knows what ALS is now. There is nothing more that can be done to make people know and remember what it is. And as for donations…well, they got a LOT more this year than they did last year, and I’m sure there will be people who will continue to regularly donate if they think the money is going toward a good cause. And there are many different places you can donate too, which were found by people who don’t want to encourage embryonic research. Let me get on my soapbox and discuss that.

First I’m going to say that I don’t get why people are so torn up about the challenge. The organization isn’t encouraging abortion (which I’ve also heard is the case). They aren’t saying ‘get an early-term abortion so we can have your embryos for research’. They aren’t making women give them their embryos for that purpose. It’s like saying that using paper kills trees, or eating meat you pick up in the store kills animals–it has no effect on the thing in question. They’re already there. The paper is already made. You can’t just turn it back into trees.

I don’t really support it myself, though not for moral reasons. I’m more irked by the fact that it’s made its point–we all know what ALS is, we all know what it does to people (assuming you got curious and went to research it after you learned of its existence), we all know we should donate. It’s like breast cancer awareness–we all know it’s a thing. I have pink rubber gloves I use to clean the bathroom that are in support of BC Research. I have a pink canister (?) of pepper spray that’s pink for the same reason. Breast cancer is bad, we get it already. But there are other cancers that are more lethal and not nearly as well-known. For example, pancreatic cancer. It has a 96% mortality rate, and it’s not typically discovered until it’s too late to stop it.

There are so many other causes you never hear about that are causing people to have so many other causes you never hear about that are causing people to have so many other, sometimes worse, problems that nobody knows/cares about. For example, neurofibromatosis, aka NF. Never heard of it? Exactly. Why would you? Nobody talks about it. There are lots of other disorders as well (such as lupis, multiple sclerosis, etc) that you know little to nothing about.

Mental illness is another thing that’s not really talked about but should be. People are having a war going on in their minds and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. Pills help control it, but they don’t cure it. Nothing can do that. And mental illness isn’t something you can see. If you scrape your knee, everyone knows that you did. It’s there; you can see the wound. Almost everyone has scraped their knee. Everyone knows what it looks like; we know what it feels like. It’s not the same when you’re mentally ill. I have bipolar disorder and it’s hard for me to express myself in a calm way. Some days, someone will upset me and I’ll go ballistic. Nobody gets it unless they have it. Even my family, after having lived with me for 20 years, doesn’t get it. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for almost 4 years. I don’t think she gets it either. No one will understand it unless you’ve been there firsthand. Where’s all the coverage and fundraising for THAT?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do the Ice Bucket Challenge if you want to/are nominated to, but make sure you know what you’re raising awareness for. If you’re not comfortable with it, either pick another charity or politely decline the nomination. If they ask, explain why. Surely they’ll be understanding and might even support you by doing it for another charity.

14 Annoying Things my Friends do on Facebook

As of now, I have 1,103 Facebook friends. Not all of them are active, and I’m sure at least a few of them are deactivated accounts that, for some reason, remain on my friends list. I don’t talk to all of them; I add people I think seem like cool people and for some reason I have this really weird fear of defriending people. I feel like I’m ‘burning a bridge’ if I do and that I’ll regret it. I only defriend the really creepy people who add me. Other than that, I don’t defriend at all. And because of that, I have a lot of friends who annoy me. Yes, a lot of my complaints are petty. But they bother me, so I’m going to write about them here to vent about them. Note that I’m talking about what they do, not the specific person. Another disclaimer: I’m not including people who do these things to be funny or parody something else. I’m talking about people who are genuinely too ignorant/naive to know better.

1. People who like their own statuses. For some reason, this irks me to no end. I have a few friends who do it. I know it’s wrong to be judgmental, but I’ve noticed that the ones who do it are kind of the more ignorant friends I have. I really don’t see the point in it.

2. The extremely gullible ones. Now, I will admit, for my first month or two on Facebook I fell into this category–I was barely 14, I was new to the internet (I’d had an email account for 5 years, but since the internet time was divided between me and my parents I didn’t get a chance to check it much, and I really only did when I was worried about a depressed and sometimes suicidal friend), and I was pretty gullible (there was some drama the summer before because of that). I friended a few ‘celebrities’–and in hindsight I have no idea how I found them–and my mom eventually made me delete them. Anyway, at this point I was 14 and new to Facebook. I currently have a Facebook friend who’s been on the site for at least 3 1/2 years and she’s STILL adding celebrities. I’m seriously not sure why, since each of the ones she friends have at least 4 different accounts. In the past week, she hasn’t had less than 400 people on her ‘recently added’ list. It annoys me. It really does. It’s not my business and I know that. But it’s annoying all the same.

3. Ignorant people. I’m just going to lump all of the ignorance into one post. I have some friends that come from a county that has the same name as a town. Some of the people I went to school with couldn’t differentiate. Instead of listing ‘Russell County High School’ under education, they just put ‘Russell High School’. Then there’s the ones who can’t spell. They annoy me too, because I don’t see what’s so hard about some of the words they use. Speaking of that, there’s also people who use the wrong words. ‘Quite’ instead of ‘quiet’, ‘ideals’ instead of ‘ideas’…it never stops.

4. The relationship tramp(s). I put the s because a relationship is two-sided and they both egg it on. Basically, this is the couple that will write on their significant other’s wall and tell them how much they love them. Then the one tagged comments back ‘I love you more!’ and it’s a comment battle for dozens of comments. It’s really sickening.

5. Misusing the word ‘hack’ and alternatives. Something I don’t get is when a person impersonates someone else, they only take their name, profile picture, and maybe public info they can get, or are on their friends list. Every time I’ve seen that happen, the victim changes their password. Maybe I’m wrong (though in this case I doubt it), but being able to snag someone else’s public info to pretend to be them is NOT hacking. It annoys me so much and I don’t know why. Another example of that is when a someone is on their friend’s/significant other’s account and they say something like ‘Hacked by ur boo! I love you!’  or something similar. I very highly doubt that the person actually ‘hacked’ the account. I don’t think it counts as hacking if you gave them your password.

6. Pointless comments. A couple of months ago, I got a new phone. I made a post and said what make and model it was so my friends could look it up if they were curious on its appearance. This guy I’m friends with hijacked the status to talk about how bad cell phones were and how they should be banned and landlines should be the only telephone communication we have. When I pointed out that when I go out somewhere, it reassures me to know I have a phone in case of an emergency. He suggested–completely seriously–that if I was so worried of getting lost or something because I wasn’t with my parents, I should just follow them around everywhere. I don’t think I need to explain why that’s stupid. Another instance (with the same person) was when I offered a life lesson that if you aren’t familiar with a fandom name, you probably aren’t in it. He comments ‘Nah, I consider myself a Whovian.’ I have no idea what the point of that comment was.

7. Totally unrelated and off-topic comments. I get that sometimes a subject strays–recently I made a status about the download speeds of PCs 20 years ago. It strayed into the subject of jaywalking after a couple dozen comments. I’m talking about when random comments are posted that seriously have nothing to do with anything. Like when you make a status about something funny your child/sibling did and someone comments ‘Did you get my email? I was hoping to receive an answer by now.’ There are at least 2 other ways of communicating that–wall post and PM. I just don’t understand why people can’t figure that out.

8. People who try to make amends for a misspelling or grammar mistake in a comment or post when there’s very clearly an edit button. This one is fairly self-explanatory. I don’t have access to Facebook mobile, but I know for a fact that on a computer, you can EASILY edit a comment or status if you mess up. I see so many posts where the poster will post something lengthy, then put an *and correct a word that’s really hard to notice anyway due to the length. People who comment will do that too.

9. The ones who share EVERYTHING. I’m sure that you know this type–they see some picture with a scary person that says ‘If you don’t share this with 5 people (s)he’ll come for you and murder you’ then proceeds to offer an example. The most recent chain post I saw from a friend is the one that said Bill Gates was giving away $5,000 to anyone who shared a picture of him and a piece of paper with a clearly Photoshopped message explaining this. The prayer pictures irk me too. I used to do those, just because they were easy, but there’s seriously no point. The ‘like and share if you’re going to heaven, ignore for hell’ and other similar ones are even worse.

10. Facebook gamers. I played Facebook games quite often a few years ago. Eventually I got over it. I still enjoy real video games–PC, console, and handheld–but it annoys me when I’m getting Facebook game requests. I have almost 300 invitations from one particular person who won’t stop sending me requests. I’ve had others too, but not recently. Though I do occasionally see wall posts they share, needing something for Farmville.

11. The mass taggers. This isn’t as much of an issue for me, but it has happened recently, so it’s going on the list. This is usually a half-assed advertisement ploy put on by your friends. In most cases, they tag you (and 99 of their other friends) to show off something they posted. They also do this when they send you page invitations. I don’t know what their MO is, but they’ll keep doing it until they listen when people say they don’t want to be tagged, you untag yourself, or you unfriend them.

12. The people who keep the ‘first world problems’ issue alive. These are the people who talk about being broke, but they have really nice things. And I don’t mean teenagers who depend on their parents for everything. A year or two ago, I had a Facebook friend who was not only #9, he also whined about his life all the time. The last straw for me was when he didn’t want to cut his hair, so he made a status and told everyone to like it so his mom wouldn’t make him get it cut.  She commented that he was getting a haircut and that was final. I don’t recall exactly what I said, as it was deleted and I was blocked, but later I got on my sister’s account and checked out his post and I wasn’t the only one to tell him to get over himself; it was just a freaking haircut.

13. The #hashtaggers. These are the people who take pictures and put every single possible hashtag on them. Yes, a lot of the time it’s Instagram photos. But are all the tags really necessary? It kinda makes you seem desperate to be noticed. The worst hashtags are the ones that contain a whole sentence. I’m really good at reading–I can read with weird spacing, upside-down, backwards, forwards, etc, but this is ridiculous. I don’t like doing that.

14. The ‘swag’ group. This is the group of people (usually teens) who post pics of themselves doing weird or inappropriate poses. For example, today I saw one of a girl I met through my cousin sitting with a young child (probably a niece–she was no older than 5 or 6) flipping the bird. Both of them. I’m 19 and I’ve never been able to do it. I just physically can’t force myself to do that. Swag girls do stuff like that, duckface, posing in a seductive way under the guise of ‘Hey, check out how fit I am now!’ or bragging about a haircut.  Swag guys do stuff like flex to show off their muscles, also use their middle fingers, and do all sorts of other poses you can Google (‘dumb poses guys do’ worked for me).

That’s all I can think of to complain about right now. If I ever find anything else I’ll make a part 2.

UPDATE: Part 2 is done and posted! You can find it here: 14 More Annoying Things My Friends Do On Facebook

Flow of ideas

So, I don’t really know where to begin. I guess I should start with what got me here. That’ll require going a bit farther back. Let’s rewind to 2005.

It’s always so weird looking back on all of this. I try to block most of it out. It mostly works. Anyway, that was the year we moved away. As much as I hated my school then, I’d give whatever it took to take back all my complaints about it. It really was a lot better than where I ended up.

The first thing that happened at my new school is that I got yelled at for stepping on some jerk’s shoes. I mean, really? Then there was the other kids. I have to wonder now how ANYONE could be that mean. I mean, really. When I was in sixth grade, I threatened to kill myself. The girl I thought was my best friend just sneered and said ‘You won’t do it. You don’t have the nerve.’ You have no idea how deep those words cut. I’ve gotten that a lot since then.

I turned to songwriting. It was my haven. But now even that’s gone. Because I don’t use it for venting much anymore. It’s more for showing off my skill. Showing other people so they will compliment me and tell me how awesome I am. It’s a sick reason, really.

Music is still my escape. No matter what I’m feeling, I have a song for it. No matter what I need to hear, I can hear it. Music has saved my life more than once. But I digress.

Fast forward to March 2007. My mom comes home from the doc, hands me some parenting magazines and Casey some formula. It didn’t take us long to figure out what it was for. I was 12. My sister saved my life and she wasn’t even born yet.

Then we arrive at September 2007. Lissie was born at 2 in the morning on the 20th. She was just what I always wanted–a sister. I couldn’t do that to her. I had missed my opportunity to die.

Fast forward another few years. We moved back to Indiana. I was sad to leave–until the day after we left, when I met a really cute boy on a youth group trip to Kentucky Kingdom. Then I was totally OK with moving back.

Anyway, that wasn’t where the trouble began. I think it really began in January 2010, when I asked my at-the-time crush to come to my birthday ‘party’ with me. Although all it was was going out to eat, visiting Game Stop, and going to the planetarium. But it was ok. I had fun, he had fun, and that was about when our friendship kicked off.

Within a few months, things got kickstarted. We were best friends for less than a month before we started going out. Only problem was, he wasn’t allowed to. We kept it under wraps for about 2 and a half weeks before our cockiness and stupidity got us both in hot water. He got grounded for the whole summer. I got grounded for a month. My mom still thinks we would’ve been over each other long before now if his parents had stayed out of it and let us be. But they didn’t, so I’m sitting here still picking up pieces of my heart almost a year after our breakup.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s rewind to after we were put in the doghouse. I was miserable that whole summer. I would hold the pill bottle in my hands, daring myself to open it. That August, after he got ungrounded for a while, I eventually turned to cutting as a twisted form of punishment. I get addicted entirely too easily. One cut on my arm threw me into a nightmare world.

It started with my dog tag. After a while, I used a steak knife, which I hid in my room. My songbooks filled up. I wrote 98 songs in the course of 2 and a half months. I spent another approximately 8 months in another one. Writing was my only escape. The only thing I could do while grounded.

After some suicide attempts and reporting myself for cutting, I ended up in a mental hospital. They figured out I was bipolar, but wouldn’t release me until they had me weaned off of one medication and on another. I spent my sweet 16 locked up. Nobody could possibly know how horrible that was for me. I got a lemon cake with icing that tasted like toothpaste, a few cards from the nicer girls there, and a mental breakdown as a result of forgetting my meds the night before. I was finally released a week after my birthday.

After that, things mostly improved. I was on the right medication, and it helped me improve. It wasn’t some sort of miracle drug, but it still helped. I’ve only forgotten a handful of times. The first time didn’t go well. I attempted to slit my wrists. That was the worst time. The other times weren’t as bad. However, my meds always made me sleepy. We switched one morning med to nighttime, and lowered the dose of another one that made me lethargic. Again, I’m digressing.

Most of the rest of that year was uneventful. My boyfriend and I didn’t have much time to talk, as he was still not allowed to talk to me. For most of the year, our texts were few and far between.

It was the next year that things went downhill. I found out one of my best friends was crushing on me. I made the worst mistake of my life–I told my boyfriend I wanted to give the other guy a chance. Things crashed and burned from there. It didn’t work out with my friend, so I came running back to the other guy, and after a couple months, and a lot of mistakes on my part, he left me for good. It’s been 10 months and I’m still not over it. We’ve had a bit of an up and down relationship since then. It is currently down, which leads me to here.

I’m not entirely sure when I got here. I always say the worst time of my life began June 16th, 2010, the day my ex and I got caught. But it could’ve been the day in late August when I started cutting. It might have been even later than that. Perhaps when I went to the hospital. But all I know is, I’m here. I can’t go back and fix it, and I really am starting to wonder the point of even continuing.

After what happened with my ex, I have a lot more respect for Romeo and Juliet than I did before. I thought they were stupid, irrational, and pathetic. But after being in that position–having a forbidden love, doing whatever possible to be together–I must say, it’s not looking so bad, what they did.

I just wish there was an easier way out. I know the saying ‘it’s always darkest before the dawn, but it’s been dark for years now. Most of my life, actually. So when is dawn? Will it ever come? I held on for a year and a half, waiting for my ex. Waiting for us to be together. Then it ended up not happening. I didn’t kill myself because of him. I knew how badly it’d hurt him, so I didn’t do it. Now that he’s no longer in my life like that, what can stop me?

I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong. To feel unwelcome, even in your own house or social circle. To know that the next words you say could cost you your most valued friendship. I push people so close to the edge, they go off on me. Its a rough burden to bear, feeling like you’re going to lose everything at any moment.

I just lost my best friend, because I was a jerk. That’s all I seem to be anymore–a jerk. What else is there to describe me? I’ve been a little dry on songs ever since about Wellstone, and I’ve been working on the same book for a year and a half and I’m barely a third of the way done. MAYBE halfway, but that’s if I want it to be short. So creative is out. Mature is out. Just ask the guy I just lost if I’m mature or not.

I’ve started my will. I hope I never have to use it before getting married and having kids, but I might someday. Anything is possible. As long as I can hold out till next Friday, I should be able to sign it and make it legal. Then I can die whenever and my stuff won’t go to random people. Or people who don’t deserve it. It’s always fun to see who wants what.

This is already getting kind of long. It’s more a stream of consciousness than anything else. I write cuz it makes me feel better. Now I think I’ll start blogging all of it.